Creator of Money-Festing®
Manifestation Meditation®
Manifestation Hypnosis® & Hypnofit™
Founder of I Am Equilibrium® Holistic Gyms

Background & Story

Ivette has been passionate about helping others grow and evolve all her life. It all began with her Grandmother, Rosa, who was a formidably strong, talented and insightful woman; she was a Freemason and a Rosicrucian Minister, two nearly unheard of accomplishments for a woman of her time.

Inspired by Rosa and driven by her own fascination with the mind-body connection, Ivette forged her own path, not only by developing Master Manifestor Techniques, but also by founding I Am Equilibrium® two Holistic Mind-Body Centers in Miami, Florida. She also founded the I Am Equilibrium Kids ‘Creating Mindful Kids’ in over 20 afterschool programs in schools. It was during this process of developing those curricula that Ivette created HypnoFit™, IAE Corporations & IAE Kids and the rest is history.

Education & Experience

Ivette has a Masters and Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (yes, Accounting).

Even then she was more eager to “coach” her fellow classmates than crunch numbers. She helped several of them identify their life goals and best majors, and in the process realized she was always destined to support and develop people. After graduating at 20, Ivette ran the Internal Training & Development Division for Arthur Andersen while working with clients and helping her boss run his practice within Arthur Andersen. Her successes in her Real Estate investments led her to open her own Real Estate Business – Premier Properties which has been successful since the year 2000.

Ivette attributes all her success to Holistic tools she’s always incorporated in her daily life.

Besides being certified in over 8 different holistic modalities, Ivette is completing her PhD in Metaphysics. She has studied holistic modalities consistently for over 2 decades and is still learning. Ivette says ‘the learning never stops’.

Ivette is dedicated to supporting people to live the life of their dreams, and to manifest their true destiny as she has.


Ivette is a talented speaker, trainer and coach who delivers workshops, trainings and 1 on 1 sessions on how to master your mind and manifest your desires.